​Innovative solutions for bicycle parking!

​139 square meters - 400 bicycles


​Opportunities for the Future

​City planning bottlenecks and private sector opportunities in improving cycling infrastructure.

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​​Preparations for the cycling summer have started

​​Good news: our first bike parking boxes will be delivered in May!

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​​Biket's research trip to Sweden

​​We went on an inspiring research trip in Sweden, where we got to know our western neighbor cycling infrastructure and markets.

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​Bicycle racks

​​​Biketti Stand bicycle racks turn a parking space into a bicycle park for 8–12 bicycles. An easy way to turn a garage or parking lot into an efficient bicycle parking area. The furniture supports the bike and the bike can be locked with a single lock from the front and rear wheels and from the frame to the stand. Also suitable for old garages and bicycle covers.

​​Parking application

​A key aspect of the product's usability is its user comfort and safety. With the solutions offered by iLoq, safe storage in Biketti has been brought to the highest possible level without compromising the comfort of use.

​Bicycle parking space

​A safe and user-friendly solution for smaller bicycle parking - for access parking, workplace and residential bicycle parking.