Bicycle parking house for 400 bicycles

  • Saves surface area and costs – only 139 m2 (kem 290m2) for 400 bikes
  • Rises modularly upwards
  • Fast accessibility and cost-efficient to set up and use
  • Enables a versatile set of additional services and features
  • High level of security. For example, the Biketti bicycle racks lock the front wheel, frame and rear wheel – all with one lock!
  • Clear user instructions
  • All bicycle spaces are clearly numbered
  • Separate space for special bicycles and other items such as strollers
  • Particularly suitable for for long-term parking and bicycle storage
  • Also for electric scooters and other small personal mobility devices
  • Customizable parking house blends and adapts to it’s environment

Material options

Wood/CLT facade

Steel facade

Glass facade